Signs Your Website Is Ready for a Redesign Incorporating SEO Elements

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Signs Your Website Is Ready for a Redesign Incorporating SEO Elements

Creating a world-class website is one of the single best investments that a business owner can make, but keeping up with the latest SEO techniques is no easy task. At some point, many business owners are going to realize that their web presence is not as powerful as it once was. Here is a look at five signs that it might be time to give your business’s website an update.

Signs Your Website Is Ready for a Redesign Incorporating SEO Elements

1. There Is Limited Social Involvement
All business owners need to capitalize on the powerful role of social media. The enormous popularity of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, cannot be overlooked in building a strong online presence for any business.

2. Bounce Rates Are Climbing
A “bounce” takes place when a visitor leaves a site after only a few moments, and does not travel to different pages within that site. This is often the result of a confusing page layout, slow loading times, or mismanagement of the keywords and phrases.

3. Mobile Traffic Is Non-Existent
Mobile traffic has become the driving force of online searches, and websites that are not optimized for mobile use will take a serious hit to their rankings. For those that cannot afford to make a separate mobile site, it is important to streamline the desktop site so that it scales to screens of all sizes.

4. Every Update Requires Professional Assistance
Once a site has gone live, any updates outside of major programming overhauls should be easy enough for anyone to carry out. The sign of an excellent website is one that allows the business owners and their employees to make regular changes, such as adding articles or updating contact information without help from the pros.

5. Your Content is Outdated
When search engines are determining the rank of a web page for a specific keyword, one of the metrics that they use is the age of the content. Outside of a few rare scenarios, older content will almost always be pushed down in the search engine results pages. Businesses in Redlands can rely on a professional SEO service like CityClip Media, to always include the creation of pertinent, up-to-date, and useful content for visitors to their site.

As competition in online marketing continues to heat up, a good website design must now also include effective SEO elements to bring in customers and give the business an edge over the rest of the field.

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