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Building a Mobile Subscriber List

Simple tips on how to build a mobile subscriber list

  • Make sure all your printed promotional material includes a call to action and instructions to join your mobile list.
  • Include a professionally designed poster or cut-out to display with your mobile list info in your storefront (if applicable).
  • Make sure your online presence also includes mobile subscription boxes, or the information to join your mailing list.  This means every web page, every blog and all of your social media accounts (Facebook fanpage, Twitter profile, Linkedin etc…)
  • Do not buy a list that you didn’t build yourself.  These lists are low value and could get you in trouble for spamming.  It isn’t worth the price of sending texts to people who are uninterested.
  • Put your mobile opt-in info on your receipts!
  • If you have a radio or TV ad, work in your mobile offer, rules and instructions.
  • Add QR codes to all of your promotional material.
  • If you have a mailing list (online or off) message them and prompt them to join your mobile list.
  • Make a funny or viral-style Youtube video with your information.  If it is funny, unique or even plain weird it could go viral and get you a lot of viewers quickly.
  • Do a commercial or interview on your local public access channel.  It might not get a lot of views, but everyone who does view will be locally based.
  • You know where people always read…in the bathroom.  Put a poster with your mobile list info above urinals and on the inside of bathroom stall doors.
  • Add your keyword and shortcode to everything!  Making new business cards…add them to that even!

Tell everyone you can – scream it from the mountain tops.  A business conversation never ends unless you have said “Have I told you about my mobile club/campaign?”

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