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Custom Website Design Services

CityClip Media offers its custom website design expertise to businesses looking to improve their presence on the Web. We can create websites that are not just visually impressive, but accessible and user-friendly as well. If the preset themes we offer do not seem to match the vision you have for your site, allow us to craft a bespoke design that suits your brand’s image without overwhelming your visitors.


You can consult with us and share your ideal website concept. We then create your proposed website design from the ground up, careful to match your every specification. We use WordPress as the platform for your website, as it is highly modular—you can add as many functions to it according to your site’s features.

Responsive Designs

We make websites that are responsive in design. Responsive web design allows a website to load on any device, regardless of the device’s screen size. A website that is responsive will display all its content and graphics in a way that no matter the screen, everything will be accessible to your visitors.
Why should you go with responsive designs? Many of your customers are sure to visit your website using devices other than desktop PCs—smartphones and tablets, to be precise. If your website does not load properly on such devices, you could be turning away potential customers, costing you precious sales. Make sure you do not miss a single opportunity to make a sale with responsive web design.

WordPress: An Invaluable Webmaster Tool

Of the many content management platforms available for use, WordPress will be most useful to your business and its website. WordPress is not just customizable, it also allows you to easily add content and/or updates to your site on the fly. Constant updates form an important part of your web marketing strategy, so you should not be afraid to rely on WordPress. It should also be noted that WordPress supports responsive web designs.
For more information about our website design services, call (909) 906-6900 or visit our contact page and fill out the form.

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