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Email Marketing Training (Part 1)

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Part 1

Is your email marketing campaign truly generating more leads, customers, and profits for your business? Or are you late to the game because you haven’t even started your email marketing campaign at all?

If you haven’t started an email marketing campaign, it is never too late. You can easily start a campaign within a couple of days and have your local competitors wondering how you’re stealing their business so fast.
Email marketing is not as wide as other marketing strategies, so the analysis will not take you ages to complete. It is important that you know where your email marketing campaign stands prior to devising a plan to beat your competitors in getting more customers through the doors.
Many business owners concentrate on their competition so much that they forget to monitor their own progress. You should not be obsessed with your competitor; instead, you should use their information to better your own business. This will only happen effectively if you understand your position in the world of email marketing.
If you have started to build a list, take a look at your emailing list and see how many people you have. How are you keeping track of this list? Do you have automated systems up online that are taking email addresses for you? Or are you having your customers write their email addresses down on a notebook until you get around to adding them to your database?
Do you have an online email auto-responder service working on auto-pilot for you around the clock? Or is one of your staff members manually sending out emails to your subscribers whenever they can get around to it?
Make sure your email marketing campaign is fully functioning and automated to generate repeat sales for your business. Once you have everything set up, the rest is pretty easy when it comes to communicating and establishing a relationship with your subscribers.
If you have been trying email marketing for a while with little results, it is possible that you have a lot of improvements to make that could totally turn things around.
Luckily, email marketing results are quite easy to monitor and track so there’s no reason to not to.
Maybe your list is unresponsive. If this is the case, take a close look at your offers and make sure that they fit your list. Sending out offers you’re your list does not want or need is a waste.
Maybe your list is not growing. Are your online email opt-in forms clearly visible and easy to follow? Are you sending traffic to your opt-in forms? Are you collecting email addresses inside your establishment and adding them to your database daily? All of this is crucial if you want to truly build a large, responsive list for your products or services.

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